Protect Hen Harriers

September 14, 2014 in sightings

Sadly not seen much on my end re-fractured my foot on Friday and I’ve been off them all weekend, did get to see a robin going over some garden waste that’s piled up for recycling, but other than that very slow for me.

Since I’ve been out of the twittersphere with my other problems (carpal tunnel) I missed a post about this very important message: Protect Hen Harriers – there needs to be a lot more protection for all our native and migratory birds in the UK and if we can also in the areas they over winter/summer and their routes!

About the Robin: my mum over from Australia was very excited to see it, it’s not a bird she’s used to.  It’s also sadly not a common one in my garden, although a record of 2 have been seen and a 3rd heard recently.

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  1. sorry to hear about your foot and carpel tunnel – glad I do not get that any more – mine seems to have gone since I started wearing a magnetic bracelet on my right wrist

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