2018 Edinburgh, Scotland Garden Bird List

January 1, 2018 in sightings

It’s time now for the start of my 2018 Garden bird list 2017 showed most of the common British garden birds with a total of 34 birds, unlike 2016 where I had a few more unusual birds for a city garden and a total of 40.

Sadly Dystonia will mainly have me stuck at home again I am studying horticulture at the Royal Botanic Gardens Edinburgh to learn more about making my garden wildlife friendly.  I may try and do a separate RBGE bird list as the gardens have a great diversity of bird species there and are fantastic to watch.

Previous year lists for my Edinburgh Garden
2017 Edinburgh Garden Bird List
2016 Edinburgh Garden Bird List

Once again for 2018 I’ll be using bird food from RSPB.


The 2018 Edinburgh, Scotland garden bird list:

  1. Blackbird – Jan 1st – first bird of the year
  2. Blackcap – Jan 2nd
  3. Blue Tit – Jan 1st
  4. Carrion Crow – Jan 1st
  5. Coal Tit – Jan 2nd
  6. Collared Dove – Jan 3rd
  7. Dunnock – Jan 1st
  8. Fieldfare – Jan 18th
  9. Goldcrest – Jan 13th
  10. Goldfinch – Jan 3rd
  11. Great Tit – Jan 1st
  12. Greenfinch – Jan 16th
  13. House Sparrow  – Jan 1st
  14. Jackdaw – Jan – 8th
  15. Long-tailed Tit – Jan 2nd
  16. Magpie – Jan 2nd
  17. Oystercatcher – Jan 19th – FO
  18. Robin – Jan 1st
  19. Sparrowhawk – Jan 13th
  20. Starlings – Jan 7th
  21. Wren – Jan 10th
  22. Woodpigeon – Jan 1st

8 Species as of January 1st 2018.
12 Species as of January 2nd 2018.
14 Species as of January 3rd 2018.
15 Species as of January 7th 2018.
16 Species as of January 8th 2018.
17 Species as of January 10th 2018.
19 Species as of January 13th 2018.
20 Species as of January 16th 2018.
21 Species as of January 18th 2018.
22 Species as of January 19th 2018.

If you’re on Twitter my user name is: @ApteryxGav – a great hashtag to follow is #my200birdyear thanks to BirdWatchingMag.
Or instagram: @ApteryxGav – It’s mainly plant photos with a few birds.

I’m currently working on a gardening website that will hopefully be up and running later in 2018, it will obviously have a fair bit about wildlife, and the book Sammy The Shrew for sale which is raising money for charities.

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