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Got out at the weekend

September 30, 2014 in sightings

First time I have been out for a while – not had a very good summer – 2 bad colds that lasted a llong while , also a bad back and problems with my diabetes

Also seem to have had a lot of work on and so have been tired when getting home so apologies for not sharing recently


Anyway I got to Rainham Marshes RSPB on Saturday

Goldfinch, Collared Dove, Robin, House Sparrow, Magpie, Mute Swan, Grey Heron, Little Egret – maybe as many as 6

Mallard, Wigeon, Teal, Carrion Crow, Blue Tit, Long Tailed Tit, Marsh Harrier, Wood Pigeon, Starling, Canada Goose, Greylag Goose, Little Grebe, Shoveler

also heard Cetti’s warbler#2 highights were a Kingfisher – brief glimpse only and really good views of a pair of Bearded Tit – got a photo


bearded tit1

by KiwiGav

Protect Hen Harriers

September 14, 2014 in sightings

Sadly not seen much on my end re-fractured my foot on Friday and I’ve been off them all weekend, did get to see a robin going over some garden waste that’s piled up for recycling, but other than that very slow for me.

Since I’ve been out of the twittersphere with my other problems (carpal tunnel) I missed a post about this very important message: Protect Hen Harriers – there needs to be a lot more protection for all our native and migratory birds in the UK and if we can also in the areas they over winter/summer and their routes!

About the Robin: my mum over from Australia was very excited to see it, it’s not a bird she’s used to.  It’s also sadly not a common one in my garden, although a record of 2 have been seen and a 3rd heard recently.

by KiwiGav

Trichomonosis strikes my garden. Swallows still around.

September 11, 2014 in sightings

A great day and a bad day in the garden, the good news first there were 7 that’s right 7 blackbirds in the garden, okay not my garden but 3 in my garden and 4 in the neighbours as they’ve got a brilliant hawthorn tree and the birds were eating berries from it, I’ve got 4 or 5 hawthorn bushes but they’re years away from producing much, only planted in January 2013 as part of the wildlife hedge as mentioned in here Garden Getting better for wildlife.

The Sad News: a greenfinch that looked to be suffering from Trichomonosis was spotted in the garden.  For more about this sad disease see Finches Continue to die, BTO – Trichomonosis and RSPB Trichomonosis advice – I regularly clean my feeders and as soon as I saw the bird looking in a bad state I spread the feed out on the ground over a large area and removed my feeders, gave them a big wash and will not be putting them back for a few months.  I am trying to get more in the way of natural food in the garden, but it’s a slow process growing trees and I’ve not been able to grow anything that’d be great for finches yet.  On a positive note the insect density is growing and I see more bats in the evening and a lot more spiders around the garden.

  1. Blackbird x 7
  2. Blue Tit x 2
  3. Carrion crow x 2
  4. Coal Tit x 1
  5. Dunnock x 2
  6. Greenfinch x 1 – sadly diseased.
  7. House Sparrow x 5
  8. Jackdaw x 1
  9. Magpie x 2
  10. Robin x 3 – 2 heard only
  11. Starlings x 3
  12. Swallows x 2
  13. Woodpigeon x 1

by KiwiGav

Swallow still around on a very nice Edinburgh Day

September 10, 2014 in sightings

Not a bad list today and swallow still around on a very beautiful sunny day in Edinburgh, if you were watching BBC news about the independence referendum and the line about Edinburgh castle being lost in the heat haze, that happens a lot more than the BBC gives credit for and I’m sick of hearing that Scotland is cold and wet. It really isn’t that bad and this is coming from someone that lived 20+ years in Australia!

  1. Blackbird x 1
  2. Blue Tit x 2
  3. Carrion crow x 1
  4. Coal Tit x 1
  5. Dunnock x 2
  6. House Sparrow x 3
  7. Jackdaw x 1
  8. Magpie x 1
  9. Robin x 2
  10. Swallows x 1
  11. Woodpigeon x 2

by KiwiGav

A short stop at Aberlady Bay for 2 little egrets + Swallows still about.

September 8, 2014 in sightings

Managed a short stop in at Aberlady Bay on the way home from North Berwick, got to see 2 very distant little egrets and a grey heron, rest of the bird list:

  1. Blackbird x 1
  2. Black-headed gull – AB
  3. Blue Tit x 1
  4. Common Buzzard x 1
  5. Dunlin – AB
  6. Dunnock x 2
  7. Great Tit x 1
  8. Grey Heron – AB
  9. House Sparrow x numerous in garden and at NB
  10. Jackdaw – AB
  11. Little Egret – AB my first recording since starting the website
  12. Magpie NB
  13. Redshank – AB
  14. Robin x 1
  15. Starlings x 7
  16. Swallows x 1
  17. Woodpigeon x 2

by KiwiGav

Corstorphine Edinburgh garden birds.

September 7, 2014 in sightings

Managed to get out for a short walk to day and added a few extra birds, but most were in my garden in Edinburgh:

  1. Blue Tit x 1
  2. Bullfinch x 2
  3. Dunnock x 1
  4. Feral Pigeon x 1 – NIMG
  5. House Sparrow x 15+
  6. Jackdaw x 1 – NIMG
  7. Magpie x 4
  8. Robin x 1
  9. Woodpigeon x 2

by KiwiGav

Garden bird list for September 6th 2014, WordPress 4.0 Benny.

September 6, 2014 in sightings

Sorry it’s been a few days since I’ve posted, I’ve seen very birds as I’ve once again been laid up in bed due to pain.  I managed to spend some time in the garden and plant up some plugs and retrieve the few tomatoes that hadn’t been spoilt this year due to my lack of being able to tend them.  I picked almost all the green ones too so they could ripen on a windowsill as I don’t know if how I’ll be from day to day and don’t want them lost.

A good list for today with a strangely rare sighting of a blackbird.  Not sure where they’ve all gone, I’ve talked to others in the area and they get 2 or 3 most days, sadly must be the amount of cats that come through the garden scaring them off.

  1. Blackbird x 1
  2. Blue Tit x 1
  3. Dunnock x 1
  4. House Sparrow x 15+
  5. Robin x 1
  6. Starlings x 10

On a plus note I found the lost feeder, the fox had deposited it in a hedge at the side of the garden.

Not happy with wordpress 4.0 benny, the numbered list doesn’t work the same way as it used to!

by KiwiGav

The fox stole my fat pellet feeder!

September 2, 2014 in sightings

Since my parents have been here from Australia they’ve been doing a lot of jobs I’ve not been able to get done, such as re-felt my garden shed.  Only problem was I had a bracket on the side of the shed that had a fat pellet feeder hanging off it.  They took it off left it on the ground, I noticed this and hung it on a tree, sadly too low as I gather a fox took off with it.  I’ve checked all over my garden and no luck it’s gone, I’ve got other feeders in reserve but none for pellets, I put some in one of the other feeders and hung it higher, it seems to have worked, but the sparrows aren’t as pleased.

Bird list today includes 2 grey heron that I saw at the Royal Botanic Gardens Edinburgh, I was there for seeing about their adult education courses.  Hopefully be able to study a bit about gardening in 2015.

Here’s the list:

  1. Blue Tit x 2
  2. Bullfinch x 2 m and f – a nice early sighting about 06.00.
  3. Coal Tit x 1
  4. Dunnock x 1
  5. Grey Heron x 2 – RBGE
  6. House Sparrow x 1
  7. Jackdaw x 2
  8. Magpie x 1
  9. Robin x 1
  10. Woodpigeon x 1

One other thing, I really need to learn my gulls as there were a few in fields near the botanics but I’m not 100% sure on them unless I get a great view through binoculars or a scope.

by KiwiGav

More wildlife in the garden for 2 years of organic gardening.

September 1, 2014 in sightings

I’ve not been posting much on my personal blog of late, or ever in fact, but I did update today on organic gardening and wildlife – one of the big differences I’ve noticed is the amount of spiders, therefore there must be a lot of smaller insects for the spiders to feed on and hopefully birds as well.  I do see the occasional bat at night too.

My bird list today includes a few birds that are listed as nimg which is Not In My Garden – they’re ones I spotted whilst on a trip to the Edinburgh west council recycle centre to take out rocks and concrete that were dug up during the making of the pond.  Here’s today’s list:

  1. Blue Tit x 1
  2. Dunnock x 1
  3. Great Tit x 1
  4. House Sparrow x 15+
  5. Jackdaw x 2 nimg
  6. Magpie x 2 nimg
  7. Starlings x 8
  8. Woodpigeon x 2

No swifts or swallows today.

I wish I had of started this blog from when I moved in so that I could see the difference in bird numbers after 2 years.