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by KiwiGav

Female bullfinch in the garden today.

November 27, 2014 in sightings

This is the first time I’ve seen a bullfinch for almost 3 months so I figured I’d updated about that.

  1. Bullfinch x 1 – female.

I’ve been helping my wife out with and I wonder what do birders feel about feeding fat pellets and coconut halves with animal fat in them?  I gather they’re a by product of the meat industry but I’ve never really looked into it, something I’ll have to find out about.

by KiwiGav

Not a great amount of birds about.

November 25, 2014 in sightings

Sorry my hands have been getting worse with carpal tunnel, I do watch the birds every day and if I could would add my list daily.  So far the highlight for my garden over the last month was:

  1. wren

The rest are my usual blue, coal and great tits, the occasional blackbird and a roost of house sparrows in the privet hedge.  My wildlife hedge still needs to fill out a lot, my soil is sadly horrible clay soil that has had more chemicals added to it than Katie Price!  When we moved in there was almost no life in the garden and the soil had nothing, now after 2 and a half years we’re starting to find worms and woodlice still a long way to go but hopefully my organic gardening approach will pay off over time and we’ll end up with a teeming wildlife garden!