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by KiwiGav

Great Spotted Woodpecker – Springwatch

May 31, 2015 in sightings

Today we had a great spotted woodpecker been a while since I’ve seen one.  After my last operation my wife would set up a video camera watching the feeders so that I could see the birds whilst laid up in bed and she managed to get good footage of one.  very impressed!

Don’t forget springwatch is back as is unsprung.  You can see the live cams through here: BBC Springwatch very helpful for people laid up in bed!

by KiwiGav

First Swift of the year

May 29, 2015 in sightings

Sorry the updates have been so patchy, I went to London for Chelsea but didn’t see much of anything as was too sore I didn’t get any photography or writing done.

I don’t know if I listed last years first swift, very odd!  But today just one very low, great to see!

Other than that it’s pretty much all the same with extra starlings for good measure.

by KiwiGav

First Swallow over my garden for the year

May 15, 2015 in sightings

4 days earlier than last year, I’ve been hearing reports for about 4 weeks from friends about swallows but today was my first.

Other than that it’s been the usual, sadly having really tough time of late.  Very sore and the shakes are getting worse.

by KiwiGav

First Goldfinch in the garden for 2015!

May 9, 2015 in sightings

Sorry it’s been so long, my dystonia has been really bad of late, often can’t even hold a tooth brush and having problems with knives and forks – I could never eat soup, well not in public – making it hard to type, but I really wanted to add a few birds that have shown up of late.

Goldfinch – 1 today 9th of May 2015.
Bullfinches – male and female – turning up most days in the evening, wondering if they’re nesting in a hedge in the front garden.
Crows – very regular of late.
Starlings – getting up to 10 a few times a day.
Jackdaws – 2 to 4 most days.

Blue Tits – I know these are always regular, but I’m not sure if they’ve had a brood or not, the nest box they were using is no longer getting used and I’ve seen a pair, not sure if it’s the same pair or another pair moved into a different nest box in the garden.  I wonder if it may have been because the neighbours cut one of the trees down next to the fence about 2 weeks ago, the tree used to cast a shadow across the nest box during the afternoon sun, now it’s not as protected.  I’m hoping they already fledged and there’s young out there, but will check the nest box around September to see what’s left.

Not Birds – Newts, getting decent views of 2 newts of late in the pond – the pond has also been very popular with sparrows, starlings and wood pigeons, the wood pigeons leave quite the white chalky cover over the pond after they’ve had a bath.  Been glad of a bit of rain of late as the 3 or 4 weeks of sun through April and early May had evaporated about half the level of the water!

That’s my hands for now, hopefully new type of parkinson’s medicine that I start at the end of May might help my hands stop their shakes and spasms and I can go back to get another round of carpal tunnel surgery.