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2016 Garden Bird List

January 18, 2016 in sightings

I was in for an operation on 30th of December 2015 and I probably won’t get to leave my house much again during 2016 (except doctor appointments).  My generalised dystonia is getting worse and causing many more injuries.  This year I figure I’ll just have a garden bird list, birds in the garden & above and only update this one post.

To attract birds to my garden, as well as gardening for wildlife when I can, I use RSPB food and feeders, find great products at their website, also great for gifts for nature lovers.

2016 Garden Bird List, Edinburgh, Scotland, UK:

  1. Blackbird
  2. Blackcap
  3. Black-headed gull – first 100% ID February 18th – was mobbing a sparrowhawk.
  4. Blue Tit
  5. Bullfinch
  6. Carrion crow
  7. Chaffinch – first sighting 28th of January – haven’t seen one in the garden since 2014.
  8. Chiffchaff – 14th of August 2016.
  9. Coal Tit
  10. Collared Dove
  11. Common Buzzard – FO March 7th.
  12. Cormorant – FO June 19th.
  13. Dunnock
  14. Feral Pigeon
  15. Fieldfare
  16. Goldcrest
  17. Goldfinch
  18. Great Tit
  19. Great Spotted Woodpecker
  20. Greenfinch
  21. Grey Heron – Flying over February 19th.
  22. Herring Gull – managed ID April 29th, landed to get the food waste bin opened by council workers.
  23. House Sparrow
  24. Jackdaw
  25. Lesser black-backed gull – managed ID April 29th, landed to get the food waste bin opened by council workers.
  26. Long-tailed Tits
  27. Magpie
  28. Oystercatcher – FO February 23rd.
  29. Redstart – 1 male – first I’ve ever seen – April 20th.
  30. Redwing – 24th of December – what a great bird for Christmas Eve!
  31. Robin
  32. Rook – April 30th.
  33. Siskin – 2 females on feeders, first time I’ve seen them in the garden for 3 years, March 21st.
  34. Song Thrush
  35. Sparrowhawk
  36. Starling
  37. Swallow – FO – 15th of May.
  38. Swift – FO – 15th of June.
  39. Woodpigeon
  40. Wren

22 (2 little ducks) bird species by the 18th of January.
23 birds as 28/01/16
24 birds as 30/01/16
26 birds as 08/02/16
27 birds as 18/02/16
28 birds as 19/02/16
29 birds as 23/02/16 – there have also been flocks of geese flying over at night and during the day, very high, not sure what type.
30 birds as 07/03/16
31 birds as 21/03/16
32 birds as 20/04/16
34 birds as 29/04/16
35 birds as 30/04/16
36 birds as 15/05/16
37 birds as 15/06/16
38 birds as 19/06/16
39 birds as 14/08/16
40 birds as 24/12/16

RSPB Big Garden Birdwatch 30th of January 2016:

  1. Blackbird x 9
  2. Blue Tit x 3
  3. Bullfinch x 1
  4. Carrion crow x 1
  5. Coal Tit x 2
  6. Dunnock x 1
  7. Greenfinch x 6
  8. Robin x 1
  9. Song Thrush x 1
  10. Sparrowhawk x1
  11. Woodpigeon x 1

Snow on the ground and occasional showers of snow.  10.20am until 11.20am.

Odd that the usual flock of house sparrows wasn’t to be seen, there’s normally up to 30 most days, any time of day.
The Sparrowhawk was after the song thrush!

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First Swallow over my garden for the year

May 15, 2015 in sightings

4 days earlier than last year, I’ve been hearing reports for about 4 weeks from friends about swallows but today was my first.

Other than that it’s been the usual, sadly having really tough time of late.  Very sore and the shakes are getting worse.

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Trichomonosis strikes my garden. Swallows still around.

September 11, 2014 in sightings

A great day and a bad day in the garden, the good news first there were 7 that’s right 7 blackbirds in the garden, okay not my garden but 3 in my garden and 4 in the neighbours as they’ve got a brilliant hawthorn tree and the birds were eating berries from it, I’ve got 4 or 5 hawthorn bushes but they’re years away from producing much, only planted in January 2013 as part of the wildlife hedge as mentioned in here Garden Getting better for wildlife.

The Sad News: a greenfinch that looked to be suffering from Trichomonosis was spotted in the garden.  For more about this sad disease see Finches Continue to die, BTO – Trichomonosis and RSPB Trichomonosis advice – I regularly clean my feeders and as soon as I saw the bird looking in a bad state I spread the feed out on the ground over a large area and removed my feeders, gave them a big wash and will not be putting them back for a few months.  I am trying to get more in the way of natural food in the garden, but it’s a slow process growing trees and I’ve not been able to grow anything that’d be great for finches yet.  On a positive note the insect density is growing and I see more bats in the evening and a lot more spiders around the garden.

  1. Blackbird x 7
  2. Blue Tit x 2
  3. Carrion crow x 2
  4. Coal Tit x 1
  5. Dunnock x 2
  6. Greenfinch x 1 – sadly diseased.
  7. House Sparrow x 5
  8. Jackdaw x 1
  9. Magpie x 2
  10. Robin x 3 – 2 heard only
  11. Starlings x 3
  12. Swallows x 2
  13. Woodpigeon x 1
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Swallow still around on a very nice Edinburgh Day

September 10, 2014 in sightings

Not a bad list today and swallow still around on a very beautiful sunny day in Edinburgh, if you were watching BBC news about the independence referendum and the line about Edinburgh castle being lost in the heat haze, that happens a lot more than the BBC gives credit for and I’m sick of hearing that Scotland is cold and wet. It really isn’t that bad and this is coming from someone that lived 20+ years in Australia!

  1. Blackbird x 1
  2. Blue Tit x 2
  3. Carrion crow x 1
  4. Coal Tit x 1
  5. Dunnock x 2
  6. House Sparrow x 3
  7. Jackdaw x 1
  8. Magpie x 1
  9. Robin x 2
  10. Swallows x 1
  11. Woodpigeon x 2
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A short stop at Aberlady Bay for 2 little egrets + Swallows still about.

September 8, 2014 in sightings

Managed a short stop in at Aberlady Bay on the way home from North Berwick, got to see 2 very distant little egrets and a grey heron, rest of the bird list:

  1. Blackbird x 1
  2. Black-headed gull – AB
  3. Blue Tit x 1
  4. Common Buzzard x 1
  5. Dunlin – AB
  6. Dunnock x 2
  7. Great Tit x 1
  8. Grey Heron – AB
  9. House Sparrow x numerous in garden and at NB
  10. Jackdaw – AB
  11. Little Egret – AB my first recording since starting the website
  12. Magpie NB
  13. Redshank – AB
  14. Robin x 1
  15. Starlings x 7
  16. Swallows x 1
  17. Woodpigeon x 2
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Swallows also still around, but moving south.

August 31, 2014 in sightings

After yesterday’s post swifts still around I checked back on last years records to see the last date I saw a swift it was August 9th – I noticed 7 swallows flying in a southerly direction today, last year latest I saw them was 4th of September, be interested to see if I see them that late this year.

The bird list for the last day of August 2014:

  1. Blue Tit x 1
  2. Coal Tit x 1
  3. Dunnock x 2
  4. House Sparrow x 25+
  5. Robin x 1
  6. Swallows x 7 – flying south.
  7. Woodpigeon x 2

In other news we decided to fill the pond with tap water to check the concrete was sound, so far it’s held up and been full for about 36 hours now, today I checked it out and there was already life in it including something that looks like a type corixidae.  Not 100% sure if that’s what it was, but it was moving around the pond at decent speeds.

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Carpal Tunnel’s getting worse, may not be here for next week.

May 31, 2014 in sightings

Very sore – just the list:

  1. Blackbird x 2
  2. Blue Tit x 2
  3. Bullfinch x 1 – male
  4. Carrion crow x 1 in my garden, +50 or more – not in my garden
  5. Coal Tit x 1 – not in my garden
  6. Common Buzzard x 1 + 1 not in my garden
  7. Dunnock x 1
  8. Great Tit x 1 – not in my garden
  9. Greenfinch x 2
  10. House Sparrow x 2
  11. Jackdaw x 1 – not in my garden
  12. Magpie x 1
  13. Robin x 1 – not in my garden
  14. Starlings x 3
  15. Swallows x 1
  16. Woodpigeon x 2
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Blackbirds eating a lot of ants, plus Greenfinch again!

May 30, 2014 in sightings

After not seeing any Greenfinches for a while I saw another today.

  1. Blackbird x 2 – they’ve been singing all day.  It’s amazing to hear!  Also saw 1m 1f eating a lot of ants off the footpath in front of my house.
  2. Blue Tit x 1
  3. Carrion crow x 1
  4. Dunnock x 1
  5. Feral Pigeon x 2
  6. Greenfinch x 1
  7. House Sparrow x 2
  8. Jackdaw x 1
  9. Magpie x 1
  10. Starlings x 5
  11. Swallows x 1
  12. Woodpigeon x 2
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First Greenfinch in a while!

May 29, 2014 in sightings

I’ve not had time to watch Sprinwatch for 29th of May 2014.  When I do I’ll edit this post to add the TV show Titles I notice Chris Packham say.  Here’d my garden list for the day, first greenfinch in a while:

  1. Blackbird x 2
  2. Blue Tit x 1
  3. Carrion crow x 1
  4. Dunnock x 2
  5. Greenfinch x 1
  6. House Sparrow x 2
  7. Jackdaw x 2
  8. Magpie x 1
  9. Starlings x 15+
  10. Swallows x 1
  11. Woodpigeon x 1

All I managed to get for Thursday 29th of May from Springwatch were:

  1. The League of Gentlemen
  2. Rab C. Nesbitt

There may have been more, I’m on rather strong painkillers and I cna’t think wonderfully straight at the moment, sadly think I’ll be asking for the next rounds of surgery.

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Springwatch is back – Chris Packham mentioning UK TV shows?

May 26, 2014 in sightings

I noticed that Chris Packham has mentioned a few TV Shows in this years Springwatch, although I can’t watch it live – Don’t have a TV licence – I will try and keep up with them.  Also not being from the UK there’ll probably be a few I miss  Here’s the list I’ve noticed

Springwatch 2014 Episode 1 TV Show Titles list:

  1. Keeping up appearances
  2. The Good Life
  3. Antiques Roadshow
  4. The Young Ones
  5. Rising Damp
  6. Obviously – Springwatch
  7. – I’ve been informed there was also “Open All Hours”

My bird list for today, once again from the garden only:

  1. Blackbird x 1
  2. Blue Tit x 1 – was worried they weren’t going to the nest, but saw one go in the box.
  3. Carrion crow x 1
  4. Dunnock x 2
  5. House Sparrow x 2
  6. Jackdaw x 2
  7. Magpie x 1
  8. Starlings x 5 – could hear a lot more.
  9. Swallows x heard only
  10. Woodpigeon x 3